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new 15L bucket

Introducing our new 15L bucket! A result of knowledge gained over several years spent designing and manufacturing buckets for a variety of applications. Our customers require their buckets to perform without compromise on a number of fronts.

15L Plastic Bucket - MCL
15L Plastic Bucket - MCL

A bulk package such as this 15L bucket must allow for:

  • A number of buckets to be stacked while filled with product

  • They must withstand lateral pressure when wrapped in a pallet shrink wrap machine

  • They must endure being dropped without cracking or opening

  • They must not leak and be airtight

  • They must be easy enough to open and close, be tamper evident and capable of being rolled while stacked.

mclPACK has successfully designed a product that fulfils, and on many fronts surpasses, all the above requirements.



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